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Yoga at Home

Our Recipies

Mylk tea Chia pudding

Did you know that you could use our plant based teas to make over night chia pudding? Just add desired amount of chia seeds to a mason jar and top with any one of our plant based mylk teas. Cover with lid and let them sit over night for a healthy delicious snack on the go.  

Chia Pudding

Overnight Oats

I'm sorry what was that? Oh, you don't have time to make breakfast! Don't worry. Overnight oats are super easy and healthy. Add quick oats (instant) to a jar or container and top with any of our plant based mylk teas and Boom!! In just a few hours you will have the perfect on the go breakfast or snack. 

Image by Anshu A

Protein shake

Add 8oz. to any protein shake for a fun milk alternative. 

Purple Shake
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